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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 22, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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me with her girlfriends from oakland, they grew up living a darker side of history. >> i was in the south when we had to actually go in the back of the restaurant and wasn't able to sit at the counter. >> reporter: carol heys would never imagine she could see an african-american president sworn in. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: or talk about martin luther king. mr.bam made history uttering a three letter word never spoken in an inaugural address, gay. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated fairly under the law. >> reporter: he urged congress to work with him. >> we cannot mistake absolutism
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for principle or substitute spectacle for politics. >> reporter: people who waited for hours embraced the harsher tone, the smaller crowd of 700, 000. anita jackson told me crunching numbers is missing the point of the inauguration rich with history and four years later, hope. >> i'm so proud and honored to be a part of this environment today. >> reporter: before leaving the capitol steps today, mr. obama took one last look over the gigantic spectacle and said, i will never see this again. a group of east bay students made it to washington, d.c. for the inauguration but getting there was not easy. for half of the 46 students from claremont middle school, it was their first trip out of lakeland. the teacher knew it to be life
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changing. >> you're not just kids from oakland, you're citizens of the world. >> the group got to meet barbara lees, their congresswoman. now it's time to get back to work, the president called on both parties not to let politics get in the way of governing. republicans are offering a compromise on the debt ceiling, backing onshore flow a requirement to cut $1 for every dollar raised. >> for us to have a debate about spending and debt we've got to have a he can to us beyond budget and what we're going to do to achieve a balanced budget over time. >> a great opportunity for us. in our budget that we will pass, we will have tax reform which many of my republican colleagues like but it's going to include revenues. >> the house is expected to approve the debt limit increase tomorrow. the super bowl will be in new orleans, but police are getting ready for potential problems in san francisco. they arrested a dozen people in
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the mission district sunday as fans celebrated the 49'ers win in atlanta. most of them were for public intoxication. there were arrests for dui, assault and an outstanding warrant, no reports of vandalism. not to get ahead, but why not? it's worth noting more than a dozen cities had multiple sports championships in a single year. but since super bowl era, only four. baltimore did it in 1970. pittsburgh in 1979. new york, the giants and mets winners in 1986, and in boston patriots and red sox in 2004. pretty elite company if everything goes according to plan. >> we'll have to see. we are our super bowl station. we want to see your 49'ers spirit. >> you've been sending us photos from home. you'll meet 90-year-old rose, she came to san francisco in 1952, and has been a niners season ticket holder for the
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last 30 years. apparently she likes a good cigar. and this family in palo alto, it's a family affair. >> looking good showing the spirit. >> we'll show more fan photos so keep them coming to >> where is your red and gold? >> where is my cigar? >> no doubt. >> if you're 92 and puffing on that, it's all right. >> 90? go ahead, why not. we've got big changes, a few clouds filtering in. temperatures not quite as cold as they have been. still cold enough but look at the clouds beginning to move a little bit closer now. we'll see the ridge of high pressure bringing us one last decent day, and then a chance of rain as early as tomorrow. out the door we've got partly cloudy skies, fog showing up in the north bay, santa rosa area, chilly temperatures. 32 and freezing in santa rosa, 37 in san jose, 42 san
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francisco, and 34 degrees in concord. by the afternoon today, again we'll see high clouds, and the temperatures probably cooler, 50s, maybe mid-60s, but get ready, big changes coming our way, some rain is on our way. we'll have more in a few minutes. check out the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. 4:36, the same picture, we're doing well. no big issues. if you're headed toward the bay bridge toll plaza, past the pay gates overnight road work in lanes, up the incline section, but as you can see, again, it's 4:36. overall it looks good headed into san francisco. san mateo bridge, same thing, light in both directions across the span. some areas of overnight road work still in lanes, if you're crossing the nimitz in the east bay, 880, southbound 880, we'll show you on the map, fruitvale. closer to the coliseum and airport. it's not causing much of a
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delay. the live drive time sensors show top speeds and mass transit off to a nice start. bart on a regular schedule, by the way. muni reporting no delays. repair work begins on the bay bridge fender damaged in the tanker accident. the repairs will not be cheap. elissa harrington is on treasure isle to tell us about the work. >> reporter: the structure was not damaged, it was the fender system that the tanker hit on 7th, repairs will not be cheap. estimates are between $2 million and $3 million. fenders are made of steel and recycled plastic. it was on january 7 around 11:20 a.m. that an oil tanker struck the bridge on the western span. no oil leaked, nobody was hurt.
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now the metropolitan transportation commission will try and get the tanker's owner to help pay for the pricy repairs. that company is osg ship management. they also have some money in reserve. work starts today. these repairs will take between four and five months to finish up. live on treasure island, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. one man is in custody, police are seeking two other suspects after a shooting that wounded a police officer in oakland last night. investigators say the undercover detective was shot in the arm just before 6:30 last night as he set in a car near seminary and bromley avenues. he's expected to recover. two violent robberies within a half hour of one another in the east bay city is on edge. the city is piedmont, the home invasion robberies stand on estates drive on the east side, the other invasion was across town on a rural avenue. police think the same suspects pulled off both robberies. three to five armed men forced
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their way into the homes and in one case forced an elderly couple to the floor at gunpoint. in the other they punched a screaming victim in the face, fired a shot as they fled the home. there were no serious injuries. police say if it happens to you, don't resist. >> cooperate, give up your stuff, not the life of you or a family member. >> anyone that might have information should call the piedmont police. another gun buyback event in marin county became a giveback yesterday, 827 guns were turned in last week, that used up all of the money the county had raised to pay for the program, and then some. still, the second buyback this week collected 29 more weapons, which people were willing to give back since the money was gone. >> we have the excess guns, get them out. house. they are the guns a lot of times that wind up in somebody's hands they are not supposed to. a young child, a thief who
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breaks into the house and might take the gun. those are the ones we want out of the house. >> the marin county d.a. is hoping to raise more money to buy back more guns. 4:40. a surfer had to take a leap of faith to be rescued yesterday. literally. daniel rosen was surfing with a friend when the waves got too big. to avoid being pulled out to sea by the strong rip currents he climbed on seal rock for safety. his friend made it to shore and called for help. it was too dangerous for firefighters, so he had to jump in and paddle towards them. the lesson this amateur learned -- >> beginner surfers don't surf ocean beach. >> i guess not. rescuees did help him paddle past the break and onto a waiting boat. he's fine. >> be careful. >> safe and sound. 4:40. when we come back, what it's like to swim through the sea. >> the incredible video is
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captured from the back of an arctic penguin. and what does it take to go to the super bowl? who can afford to cheer on the niners in person.
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scientists at the national institute ched a ever wonder what it's like to be a penguin? now we know. take a look. scientists at the national institutes of polar research attached a tiny camera to the back of the penguin a few years ago and set him loose. the pictures are giving researchers into a day in the life of the marine bird, even capturing the moment the penguin caught a fish. cool to watch. i like it. >> that looks like fun actually. >> actually beautiful scenery, right? >> they put the go pro cameras on everything. they are so small. >> let's put one on you. >> that would be entertaining. we have big changes coming
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in our direction, should be some hazy sunshine with a few more clouds moving under the skies. here comes the rain. by tomorrow we're talking about the possibility of light showers spreading across the bay area. you can see the clouds gathering along the coastline. that will be good news. we've had high pressure overhead for quite a while. so we've got all the pollutants building up. the rain will be able to clear some of that out. partly cloudy, and some freezing temperatures inland. hazy sunshine with clouds overhead and cooler today, and then storm clouds on the way, it looks like, as early as tomorrow. over the bridge we've got a few high clouds, temperature still cold in spots, especially inland. we're seeing fog in the north bay, into santa rosa, freezing temperatures and fog. 37 in san jose, 42 san francisco, 35 livermore. so finally, this ridge is beginning to slide eastward, the jet stream will dip towards the bay area far enough to bring at least a chance of showers tomorrow. it doesn't look like a big storm but looks like things could get wet. around the state one last dry
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day, high of 70 in fresno, monterrey bay. 58 in yosemite. let's time this out. we'll see a few clouds passing across the skies, but tomorrow we see the green showing up, showers developing throughout the day, could see showers as early as early tomorrow morning in the north bay, spreading across the rest of the bay as we head through the day. temperatures around the bay area for today fairly mild, into the 60s outside. 64degrees in san jose, 63 in san mateo, 59 pacifica. east day temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. inside the bay we'll see a lot of 60s but changes are in the works, we've got a chance of rain developing for tomorrow. partly cloudy and cooler on thursday and friday. a little bit unsettled, chance of a few showers over the weekend. back to winter, elizabeth. >> i know. it didn't last long. a stretch of spring-like temperatures in january, we've been enjoying it. outside on the roads, it's quiet. not a lot of incidents.
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we're checking for accident reports, just your overnight road work that may slow you down. 101 northbound and southbound near turnbull exit, posted speeds. 880 in oakland near the coliseum, southbound 880 green fruit vale and 66th avenue, road work in lanes. northbound still looks okay past the coliseum and towards the downtown oakland exits. elsewhere to the maps, a live look across the golden gate bridge, nice and light this morning. your drive time still in the green. if you're coming from marin county to san francisco, and the south bay still clocking in problem free. we show you the live look at 101, the sensors showing speeds at the limit including the guadelupe parkway and 280 exits in downtown san jose. mass transit, everything is back on a regular schedule
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after yesterday's martin luther king day jr. holiday. back to normal, no delay. that's traffic. the 49'ers are super bowl bound, first hurdle over, now the second hurdle for fans, how to get there. >> how to get to new orleans. what will it take and how much will it cost for a seat at the super bowl? >> reporter: at the team store in palo alto, it's a question many fans haven't asked in a generation. are you going to the super bowl. >> unfortunately not. >> reporter: are you going? >> i wish. are you going to give me tickets? >> reporter: why not. >> too expensive. >> reporter: laws of supply and demand will be in effect at the superdome, the cheapest seat $2000. airfare is a thousand. halfway decent hotel will run $500 a night. and then the meals, car rental and souvenirs. even for the biggest fan, it
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adds up to one big maybe. >> i'm trying. >> reporter: john said his dad might pay for him to go. can i come? >> i got to go first. >> reporter: katherine is a nurse and her boyfriend ray is a nursing student. both are seriously thinking about going. for two people, that's close to $10,000. you are a student? and you got ten grand sitting around? >> no, but i love this one very much. it's been seven years, we're getting close, very close. yeah. >> a big gift. >> reporter: in case you're wondering, $10,000 will buy 263 nfc championship hats, or 85 kaepernick jerseys, but a lot of fans told us today the next best thing to spending money on the super bowl, season tickets at the new stadium. >> watch it here on cbs 5. coming up at 5:00, if you do get tickets, how to make sure they aren't fake.
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that's coming your way. we're your super bowl station. so we want to see your 49'ers spirit. here is brent, irene and tatiana of fairfield doing their best kaepernick move. and jess in brentwood sent this in, a family torn. there's raider fans in there and some 49'er fans. and ryan in san jose says he's a super fan who has had front row season tickets since 1991. he looks like a super fan, right? >> something like that. >> something like that. we'll show more fan photos later in the newscast, keep them coming to when it comes to being a fan of your favorite team, there are fans and then there are fans. now, this is the 49'ers man cave taking up part of matt's home in the sacramento suburb of roseville. it's got all the trappings, 49'ers pool table, signs and even pieces of candlestick park.
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>> they mean a lot, especially since the stadium has one more season left and they are gone. anything from the stadium will be destroyed or thrown away. >> he got a lot of mementos when he worked at the park. >> a true fan. >> with an understanding wife. >> we'll have coverage, michelle griego and mike sugarman on the road as well. >> i hope to find a lot of 49'ers fans. i'm leaving this weekend. we'll see how it goes. 4:50. colin kaepernick's tattoos are the talk of fans. >> up next meet the man behind the art that covers that quarterback's arms. a bay area civil rights activist went to the president's second inauguration, why his wife says it was important to be there, even if he may not be able to remember it. how big a 49ers fan
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enjoy one last day of hazy sunshine, and a few high clouds. we've got storm clouds gathering off the coastline. we'll talk about prospects for rain coming up. enjoy light traffic conditions, looking good across the golden gate. the bay bridge and san mateo bridge all problem free. more timesaver traffic coming up. a lot of you have been sending us your photos showing us how big a 49'ers fan you are, check out these. these guns, by the way. kaepernicking. he's been a 49'ers fan since the 1980s. we will be showing more fan photos later in the newscast. keep them coming to
4:53 am we've been getting good ones. >> tattoos will get popular too. >> even more so, yes. >> thanks to mr. kaepernick again. 4:54. the bay area paid tribute to dr. m.l.k., in oakland installing plants, and on the other side of the bay hundreds took part in a march from san francisco caltrans station to the gardens. many were on board the annual freedom train. the route is 54 miles long, about the same distance of the 1965 voting rights march by dr. king and other activists in alabama. speakers were on board to talk about dr. king's impact on today's world. >> had it not been for him making the steps he made, fighting for us, i don't feel like this would be possible. we wouldn't have the freedom we have now. >> this was the 29th year for
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the freedom train organized by the m.l.k. association of the santa clara valley. cbs 5 reporter kristin ayers spent time with a local civil rights pioneer. >> reporter: when 90-year-old george carol tells me about his life from student to soldier -- >> i drafted into the army, served in world war ii. >> reporter: to judge and political leader in richmond, california, he talks as if it happened yesterday. >> i was appointed to the municipal court. >> reporter: for his wife janey and family, it's a surprising moment of clarity, but moments later carroll repeats the facts as if he never said then. >> appointed to the bench by the governor, municipal court, then
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superior court. >> reporter: he's the man for who this building is named, suffering from pre-alzheimer's. >> janey insisted the couple and their family come to washington, d.c. for president obama's inauguration, a day that means more to them than many of us can imagine. >> it was always racism in this country. >> my mother lived and died and never was allowed to vote. ever. >> reporter: a brooklyn boy who broke down racial barriers in law and politics, carroll knows what it means to be a trailblazer. he and janey's pride in the president practically bursts out of them. >> people are walking taller, holding their heads up, and we are just proud. >> reporter: on a frigid inauguration day, the carrolls could not make it to the national mall to see the swearing in up close and watched from the hotel, the words of dr. martin luther king ringing in her ears.
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>> he said, i may not get there to see it, but it's coming. and look at us. it's here. it is really here. >> reporter: uncertain whether her husband would remember this, but holding on to hope. >> it really is significant. and just knowing so many years ago what people went through, and groups of people went through, and what are still going through today, to see this kind of -- >> but the change, a lot has changed, especially in his lifetime of 90 years. to see an african-american president inaugurated, it's quite something too. >> i know it. >> on m.l.k. day. president obama begins his second term, and congress has another big vote to cast. >> dangerous conditions leave a surfer stranded on seal island, why he had to do -- what he had to do in order to be rescued. we're one day closer to the super bowl, the niners are going but the big question is are you? can you afford it?
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we'll show you the numbers when we return on cbs 5. >> we want to know what would you be willing to give up in order to get tickets to see the niners play in the super bowl in a couple weeks? you can e-mail us your answers. we'll share them later in the show.
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and san francisco 49ers president obama begins his first day of his second term, republicans offer to compromise. 49'ers fans show spirit as the team gets ready for the big game. enjoy the last day of sunshine. we've got the big time changes coming our way, maybe some rain. we'll talk about it coming up. we've got a lot of overnight road work, including the dumbarton bridge. it's tuesday, january 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm


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